Moonology Manifestation Oracle Cards


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Moonology (TM) Manifestation Oracle: A 48-Card Deck and Guidebook

  • Yasmin Boland is an award-winning astrologer and best-selling author.
  • Lori Menna is a graphic artist inspired by spiritual healing, nature, sacred geometry and the great mystery of life.

A beautiful card deck to help you get in tune with the Moon and manifest a life full of abundance, magic, and joy. Manifesting with the Moon has never been easier! Discover how to use the Moon as a cosmic timer to create the life of your dreams.

Supercharge your manifesting powers and discover how to consciously create positive change in your life with this magical 48-card oracle from bestselling Moonologer Yasmin Boland. Featuring beautiful cosmic collage imagery, each card explains what you're bringing into your life and how and when to supercharge your manifesting powers to achieve what you most desire. 

This captivating oracle deck will: 

  • reveal the true answers to your questions
  • show you how to harness the manifesting power of each card
  • deepen your knowledge of astrology and Moonology
  • empower you to connect with your emotions and manifest your dreams! 

The Moonology Manifestation Oracle homes in on four phases of the Moon to provide direct, actionable guidance to help you boost your manifestation. Within each phase, the deck explores the unique power of the Moon as She moves through the signs of the zodiac and the fantastic ways these energies can influence the emotions and experiences of your daily life. 

Look to the Moon for support, and you will discover how to access the inner power you've had all along!

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