Negative energy is an inevitable part of life, affecting us in various ways without our full awareness. Whether it stems from a rough day at work, a tense situation at home, or simply being around someone with a negative attitude, its impact on our well-being can be significant. Negative energy takes a toll on our mental and physical health, leading to stress, depression, anxiety, and even insomnia. Clearing negative energy from our bodies and homes is a beautiful way to create a positive and vibrant life. 

Here are 12 ways to cleanse negative energy from your space.

12 Ways to Clear Negative Energy 

To clear out negative energy from your home, consider incorporating one or more of the following cleansing rituals:

  1. Air Everything Out: A simple yet powerful method involves opening windows to let in the fresh air, using fans to circulate it, and cracking closet doors or drawers to release trapped energy. 
  2. Declutter: One of the primary culprits of stagnant energy is clutter. An untidy space breeds a sense of discomfort and an unwelcoming ambience. Start by removing objects harbouring negative emotions, such as old photographs, books, clothing, and furniture. If you're not using an item, experiment with storing this away and feeling the energy shift in your home. "A tidy house, a tidy mind!"
  3. Burn Palo Santo: This fragrant wood, native to South America, is renowned for its energetic cleansing properties. Light one end of a stick, let it smoke, and walk through your space, inviting positivity in. Read our guide to Palo Santo here. 
  4. Smudging Ritual: White Sage smudging is a worldwide practice to dispel lingering negativity in your home. Burn a dried sage stick and let the smoke purify your room or house. Read our guide to smudging here. 
  5. Harness the Energy of Crystals: Utilise healing crystals to cleanse and protect. Place crystals in areas where you need transformation to rid your home of negative energy or attract positive energy. Protective gemstones like Obsidian, Amethyst, Black Tourmaline, Tiger's Eye, and Citrine can block harmful vibrations and clear negative energy.
  6. Embrace the Warmth of Candles: Incorporate candles into your home to enhance meditation or other spiritual practices. Placing candles around your living space improves the overall ambience and fills the rooms with positive energy. 
  7. Be a Houseplant Mum: Healthy houseplants create an environment of calm and peace while purifying the air. Cultivating indoor plants adds life and nurturing energy to your space, enhancing vitality and vibrancy.
  8. Ring a Bell: The resonant sound produced by ringing a bell or gong permeates your house, dissipating any lingering negative energy. Tibetan or Crystal singing bowls are particularly effective for clearing negative energy.
  9. Salt the Corners: If you sense blocked energy in your house, sprinkle a small amount of salt in each room's corners. This simple act draws out negative energy and purifies the space. After a few days, sweep or wipe up the salt, visualising the act of discarding the accumulated negative energy.
  10. The Power of Mirrors: Mirrors have long been utilised in Feng Shui practices to redirect and revitalise the energy flow in a home. Placing one or more mirrors in your living space can amplify natural light, making rooms feel brighter and more spacious. Ensure that the mirror reflects something positive, further enhancing the uplifting atmosphere.
  11. Embrace the Light: An effective way to bring light into your home is by painting the walls with lighter colours. Opt for shades such as soft neutrals or pastels to maximise the reflective properties of light. Additionally, incorporate bright colours through artwork and decorations to add pops of vibrancy throughout your space.
  12. Cultivate a Home Altar: Building a home altar is a profound way to infuse positivity and devotion into your living environment. Choose objects symbolising prosperity, good luck, health, abundance, or protection. Remember to include items that align with your desires and aspirations. Candles, crystals, incense, statues, pictures, books, and flowers are all excellent choices to personalise your altar.

If you find yourself feeling sluggish, tired or disheartened after spending time at home, it may indicate an accumulation of negative energy within your space. Positive energy within a house creates an atmosphere of freshness, relaxation and vitality. When negative energy lingers, people often experience a sense of being overwhelmed, suffocated, or restless. 

Intuitively choose a technique that resonates with you and put this cleansing into practice. You'll start to create an energetically brighter space that fosters a sense of positivity, tranquillity, and well-being.

September 29, 2023 — Sarah Atkinson