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Candle Care

Why is there black residue on the inside of my candle?

If you notice black residue on the glass of your candle, it might be due to an untrimmed wick. To prevent this, always keep the wick upright and trim it to 5-6mm before each use and when you relight the candle. You can easily clean the black residue with a napkin or a damp cloth.

What is candle tunneling and how can I fix it?

Candle tunnelling happens when a candle burns down the centre, leaving a ring of unburned wax. To avoid this, ensure you burn the candle long enough for the entire surface to melt, trim the wick before each use, and keep it away from drafts.

For more detailed tips and solutions, check out our Glimmer Journal here.

Why is my candle flickering?

There are several reasons why a candle might flicker:

  1. Wick Length: Ensure you trim your wick to 5-6mm before each burn. A wick that is too long can cause flickering.
  2. Drafts: Avoid placing your candle in drafty areas, such as under or near heat pumps, windows, or hallways. Drafts can disrupt the steady burn of the flame.
  3. Crystal Placement: Remove the crystal when a pool of wax forms so the wax can melt to the edge of the candle jar. Removing decorations helps maintain an even burn.
  4. Humidity: In New Zealand, humidity can sometimes cause moisture to make its way into the wax, leading to flickering.

Despite taking these precautions, occasional flickering can still occur due to the dynamic nature of a candle flame. A candle flame is not a steady source of light but a constantly changing phenomenon.

What is the spiritual significance of a flickering candle flame?

Many believe that a flickering candle flame can hold spiritual significance. It can symbolise communication from the spiritual realm or a shift in energy.

This flickering can gently remind you to stay present and attuned to the energies around you. It's like a subtle message from the universe, encouraging you to be mindful and open.

Can I recycle my Opal + Sage candle jar?

You can reuse your Opal + Sage jar by carefully washing any remaining wax with warm, soapy water. The cleaned jar can be used as a stylish vase, a makeup brushes or cotton buds holder, or even a storage container for washing utensils under the sink.

Sourcing + Production

What fragrance and wax do we use?

We use 100% plant-based soy wax in our candles.

All of the ingredients in our fragrances are naturally derived. Our fragrances are 100% Phthalate free, paraffin-free and not tested on animals.

Due to using natural fragrances each candle will have a distinct colour.

All our candles are hand-poured and handmade in New Zealand.

Are Opal + Sage products tested on animals?

No, we do not test Opal + Sage products on animals.

What wicks do we use?

Our wicks are made from lead free cotton.

How do we source our crystals?

We have fostered connections with local suppliers who work closely with several trusted crystal connections they have made worldwide. This ensures we get the consistency, size and quality we want for our range of products.

Where do our crystals come from?

To grow our crystal collections mindfully, we must inquire as to where these minerals are sourced. Currently, no organisation monitors crystal-sourcing ethics. We trust our suppliers and their vetting process in sourcing the crystals for us in New Zealand.

Crystals bring a lot of life to many communities. Our crystals come from all different parts of the world, depending on the crystal. Countries include Morocco, South Africa, Brazil, Mexico and Peru.

Are our crystals ethically sourced?

We work with suppliers who travel and connect with the local communities where the crystals come from. They attend international trade shows and meet with workers to see where the crystals are produced. They purchase if they feel comfortable with how the business is run, including how crystals are sourced and staff are treated. For that reason, we stick with suppliers we know.

I have heard Palo Santo is endangered. How do you source it?

Our Palo Santo comes from Peru, where it is sustainably harvested and collected only from fallen branches.


What is GoGenerosity?

We’ve partnered with local initiative GoGenerosity to make generosity easy.

This makes it simple for you to pay-it-forward by adding a small amount to your order (even $1 counts). 

To learn more about this inititive head to our GoGenerosity community page here.

Where does my money go?

100% of all pay-it-forward donations received are used in Opal + Sage to produce goods to help those in need and distributed via the Women's Refuge.

Supporting Women's Refuge

The Women's Refuge is New Zealand's largest nation-wide organisation that supports and helps women and children experiencing family violence.

Their vision is for all women and children in Aotearoa to live free from domestic and family violence.

With your help we can support families by gifting a Glimmer, a small moment that sparks calm and joy.

Shipping, Returns + Exchanges

We'll send you an email when your order has been dispatched with your tracking details so that you can follow your order's journey. Check your spam folder for tracking details if you don't receive an email in your inbox.

New Zealand Shipping

Free Shipping for orders over $100.

For orders under $100. Flat rate shipping of $5 NZD non-rural and $10NZD rural.

All New Zealand orders are dispatched from the Opal and Sage HQ in Auckland via our friends at Go Sweet Spot. Orders are sent via NZ Post, Post Haste and NZ Couriers.

For our wholesale customers shipping is calculated at checkout and is based on the weight of your order and the final destination.

Please select the Wholesale Shipping option at checkout or shipping will be invoiced to you separately.

Australia Shipping

Shipping to Australia is calculated at checkout and is based on the weight and the final destination of your order.

International Shipping

Opal and Sage doesn't currently offer international shipping to countries outside Australia and New Zealand.


Opal + Sage will not issue refunds or exchanges for items purchased from a third-party retailer.

If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, you can return it for a full refund or replacement within 30 days.

Returned goods must be in unused condition with packaging and order confirmation included.

Please allow 3 to 7 days for processing, and understand that we cannot refund postage and packaging unless goods are deemed faulty.

The customer is responsible for return shipping.

If you wish to return your purchase, please contact us at, and we will provide details on where to send your return.

Refunds and returns are available for New Zealand customers only. International customers, please select your products carefully.

Damaged Items

We make every effort to ensure that your order arrives in perfect condition. It is normal for the shipping carton to show some wear from its journey to you. However, if damage has occurred to the product(s) inside, please contact us at, and we will be more than happy to resolve any issues.

For peace of mind add Boxer cover to your purchase. If it doesn't arrive or is broken, Boxer will make it right, usually with a refund, replacement or repair.

Order Cancellations

You may cancel your order, provided we have not yet dispatched it. We will refund the cost of your order to the credit card you purchased with.

Please contact us as soon as possible, and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Payment options

How can I pay for my order?

We accept bank transfer, credit + debit cards and also offer ZIP Pay, Afterpay and Laybuy.

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