As we welcome the magic of Matariki, the Maori New Year, it's the perfect time to explore crystals' incredible energy and beauty. These magnificent gems can add an extra sparkle to your Matariki celebrations and rituals, helping you set intentions, embrace new beginnings, and connect with the powerful energy of the cosmos. So, let's dive into our top crystals for this season and discover how they can enhance your Matariki!


Ah, Moonstone! This crystal radiates calmness and tranquillity. Its mesmerising glow reminds us of peaceful moonlit nights. As you gather with loved ones during Matariki, embrace the peaceful energy of Moonstone. Place it near your meditation space or create a crystal grid dedicated to peace. Let its soothing vibes wash over you, allowing you to reflect on the past year and set intentions for a harmonious future.

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Radiating harmony and abundance, Jade connects us to the nurturing energy of Papatūānuku, the Earth Mother. Its grounding presence helps us find balance and strength as we embark on a new chapter aligned with Matariki's blessings. Use it in manifestation rituals or create a prosperity altar, inviting blessings to flow abundantly into your life.


Looking to infuse your Matariki celebrations with passion and vitality? Golden Healer is your go-to! With its warm, golden hues, this crystal is like sunshine captured within a gem. It resonates with the sun's energy, bringing confidence, motivation, and a renewed zest for life. Incorporate this crystal into your Matariki rituals by placing it on your altar or placing a crystal in your home. Let its fiery energy ignite your passions, fueling your dreams and ambitions as you embark on a new journey.


Intuition plays a significant role during Matariki as we seek guidance from the cosmos. Labradorite, with its mesmerising play of colours, is the perfect crystal companion to enhance your intuitive abilities. Embrace the mystical energy of this stone by meditating with it or placing it on your altar. Allow its shimmering hues to awaken your inner wisdom and strengthen your connection with the celestial energies during this time of year.


During Matariki, it's essential to set clear intentions and stay focused on your goals. Enter Clear Quartz, the ultimate crystal for clarity and amplification. This crystal is a magnifying glass for your intentions, ensuring your dreams shine brightly. Keep a Clear Quartz point on your desk, or carry a tumbled stone in your pocket as a reminder to stay focused and aligned with your purpose. Use it to charge other crystals or as a tool for energy cleansing during your Matariki rituals.

As you prepare to celebrate Matariki, remember that crystals can serve as powerful allies in your journey of self-discovery, intention-setting, and connection with the universe. Crystals can infuse your Matariki celebrations with their unique energy, whether you're seeking peace, abundance, passion, intuition, or focus. Embrace the magic they offer and allow them to guide you toward a brighter and more aligned future.

If you're ready to incorporate these powerful crystals into your Matariki celebrations and rituals, we invite you to explore our Matariki Crystal collection. We hope this celebration is a time of joy, growth, and cosmic connection for you and your loved ones!

Happy Matariki!


  • How have you grown and evolved during the last year?
  • What intentions do you want to set for the year ahead? How do you want to grow and expand?
  • What changes or shifts are you ready to make in your life?
  • What messages or guidance do you sense from the universe during Matariki?
  • How can you honour and connect with your roots during this time?
July 03, 2023 — Sarah Atkinson