Rhodonite Palm Stone | Healing



Balance + Authentic + Healing

Rhodonite is a powerful crystal that can help bring emotional balance and harmony. It has strong vibrations that aid in overcoming emotional wounds, building self-confidence, and providing inner strength. Additionally, it can dissolve resentment, defensiveness, and anger, leading to forgiveness of oneself and others.

When you need to heal your heart, Rhodonite is an excellent option for expressing genuine emotions. It promotes unconditional love, which can help you accept yourself and your circumstances.

Our palm stones are designed to fit comfortably in your hand, providing a sense of weight, presence, and a tactile surface that aids in grounding and maintaining focus. These exquisite creations are handcrafted with care and responsibly sourced from gifted artisans worldwide, ensuring that profits remain local.

The price is per palm stone, and the image showcases the size and quality. Each palm stone is unique and hand-picked just for you.

You will receive one palm stone in the variety you choose.


  • Flat Palm Stone
  • Round Palm Stone