Rainbow Fluorite Towers | Intuition



Intuition + Protection + Renewal

Rainbow Fluorite is a beautiful crystal that embodies a kaleidoscope of colours and versatile benefits.

This crystal enhances mental clarity and focus, making it ideal for study and work. It brings emotional stability, dissolves negativity and promotes inner peace. Aligned with the third eye chakra, it stimulates intuition and spiritual growth.

This crystal acts as a protective shield, purifying energy and creating a harmonious environment. It balances and aligns multiple chakras, promoting vitality and optimal energy flow.

As a birthstone for Pisces, Rainbow Fluorite enhances creativity and intuition for those born under this sign.

Embrace the magnetic properties of Rainbow Fluorite. Let its vibrant energy uplift your mind, nurture your emotions, and awaken your intuition. Experience mental clarity, emotional stability, and a deeper connection to your spiritual journey with Rainbow Fluorite.

Each crystal is unique and hand-picked just for you. The price is per crystal, and the image showcases the size and quality.

  • Small 7.5x1.5cm
  • Medium 8x2cm
  • Large 9x2cm