Your crystal collection is ever-evolving. Each stone finds its way to you, intersecting with your experiences and leaving wisdom in its wake. Whether you're just getting started or an avid collector, we've put together some tips to help you in your journey.

Choosing your crystals

An energetic connection draws us to the stones that are meant to be in our lives. We may not have read all the books or studied their qualities, but we can feel the pull or repulsion of a stone's energy. Maybe it will come into your life by way of another person. Trust that, however they arrive, the crystals are meant for you.

Setting your intention

Once you have chosen your stones, sit with them and set your intention. Choose a practice that resonates with you, clarifying how you want to engage with them. This could be a simple mantra, Sankalpa or ritual.

Keep in mind that the crystals may have other things in store for you!

Caring for your stones

We demonstrate appreciation and connection to our crystals when we care for our stones. Stones journey from all over the world, passing through many different hands and energies. Cleansing and recharging your stones restores their natural state. This also reinvigorates your own sense of purpose.

Engaging your crystals

Part of caring for your crystals is regular engagement with them. Meditate with them, display them, wear them as jewellery or create intuitive grids. This is the energetic action behind your intention.

Regularly honour the work they do by cleansing them with a ritual or charging them in the moonlight to add some celestial energy.

Enjoy your stones and have fun!