Crystal Boards


Unleash the power of crystals with our Crystal Boards, a versatile tool designed to enhance your crystal practice and bring a new level of intention and focus to your spiritual journey.

Pendulum Board: Harness the ancient art of dowsing with a Pendulum Board crafted to facilitate insightful pendulum readings. This board serves as a sacred space where the energies of crystals and your intuitive guidance converge. To use the Pendulum Board, hold your pendulum over the board and ask questions, allowing the pendulum to move in response to the energy vibrations emitted by the crystals.

Chakra Board: Immerse yourself in the transformative energy of the chakras with our Chakra Board. This visually captivating and energetically charged tool allows you to balance and align your chakra system with precision and intention. You can focus on activating, harmonising, and healing each energy centre by placing crystals or gemstones on the board's chakra locations.

Each board measures 10x10cm