Palo Santo Smudge Kit


Cleanse + Purify + Protect

Use the smoke of ethically and sustainably harvested Peruvian Palo Santo to purify and invite positive energy into your space.

Smudging is a way to energetically cleanse and purify your space, inviting in positive energy. Found in many cultures and spiritual religions, the smoke rises, taking with it your intentions.

Our Palo Santo is sourced from Peru, where it is harvested sustainably from naturally fallen branches. The country has implemented strict regulations to ensure the species' sustainability, which is currently stable despite some online sources suggesting otherwise.

We've crafted this bundle to bring you everything you'll need.


  • Selenite
  • 3-4 Palo Santo sticks
  • Instructions

Glimmer Tip: Use White Sage to clear negative energy and use Palo Santo to invite positive energy in. Our Luxe Smudging Bundle has everything you need to get started on your smudging journey.